What questions do we want to answer?  Some can be serious others can be more fun.

> Where is everything cooked?
Foodhaul prepares every meal fresh in their Bucktown kitchen, located directly behind Local Foods.

> Who is the chef?
Jason Paskewitz, a Jean Banchet award-winning and James Beard nominated chef, helms the Foodhaul kitchen. A classically trained chef with a distinguished pedigree, Paskewitz has worked at such esteemed restaurants such as the Four Seasons New York, Gotham Bar & Grill, Seasons at The Four Seasons Chicago and then went on to partner opening Gemini Bistro and Rustic House in Lincoln Park. In in his role as culinary director at Foodhaul, he developed the menu for each kitchen and oversees the culinary team.

> What does made for delivery mean?
Foodhaul was founded on the vision of chef-driven, quality food inspired by global kitchens delivered straight to your home. Meal delivery is at an all-time high and quality can be questionable. Often, delivery orders from your favorite restaurant turn out to be an afterthought and not the main focus of the restaurant industry. Foodhaul has made delivery the cornerstone of their mission. We strive to deliver exceptional food and cannot think of a better way for you to dine well, love well and sleep well.