What is Foodhaul?

The marketplace that connects celebrated chefs and their culinary creations with certified kitchens anywhere.

The Anti-Ghost Kitchen

We’re partnering with real restaurants to deliver great food.

Consumers want transparency. We’re here to help your brand, and we’re not shy about letting our customers know who’s preparing their food.

We believe restaurant operators deserve to thrive in a disrupted market.

How a Foodhaul Partner Kitchen Works

Use any of our fully-branded concepts and start delivering master chef dishes to your customers

  • Choose one or more innovative chef concepts
  • Use your existing staff and resources
  • Leverage our toolkit, supply chain and training
  • Fulfill online delivery orders
  • Increase profits without added overhead

“Foodhaul has been a great way to add additional revenue without adding any expenses. We have seen revenues exceed $150k per year with $45k in profit. It’s a no brainer.”

Victor H. Ravago
CEO & Principal, Bravo Hospitality Group

Turn Up The Heat in Your Kitchen

The Benefits of Being a Foodhaul Partner Kitchen

Potential annual incremental revenue per branded concept

Global foodservice delivery sales doubled from 2014 to 2019

Expected online delivery market by 2025

Average profit per concept per location

The Ingredients For Your Kitchen

With our model, your kitchen gets everything it needs to be sucessful.

Branded Recipes

Get access to award-winning recipes designed for systematic production, delivery and profit.

Training & Support

Use our turnkey toolkit, including onboarding, training, and spec sheets, to launch the ghost kitchen.

Ingredients & Packaging

Use our ingredients supply chain via US Foods and get Foodhaul-branded delivery packaging and supplies.

Branding and Marketing

Leverage Foodhaul’s marketing and broad reach for a steady stream of profitable customer orders.

Prepare These Concepts In Your Kitchen

Leverage the skills of your line cooks to produce tested culinary masterpieces.

Inspired Italian cuisine crafted by a love of life in Florence.

Smoke Heads Logo

Where smoke and sauce get taken seriously.

Award-winning Mexican fare served fresh and traditional.

Chicken, fried-to-perfection, tossed with your favorite flavors.

VL Tavern Logo

Midwestern comfort food to satisfy hometown cravings.

Uncle Dougie's Logo

The best wing flavors around, naturally

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With our innovative food delivery model, you can increase demand and resource utilization and start realizing real revenue and profits by using notable chefs’ licensed entrees and recipes.

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