How It Works

A ghost kitchen model brings exciting new dishes to your door.

What Is A Ghost Kitchen?

It’s the smart way to bring great food, local kitchens, and diners together.

By connecting innovative chefs with underutilized kitchens, we bring diners exciting, world-class cuisine previously only available at the chef’s restaurant deep in the city center.


Diners enjoy incomparable fare. Chefs access new markets. And local kitchens stay busy crafting and delivering chef-inspired creations.


Local restaurants are at risk if the economy slows. A ghost kitchen model maximizes restaurant resources to help them stay busy.

Innovative Chefs

World-class chefs simply can’t cook for everyone. The ghost kitchen model helps them share unrivaled food options with those geographically out-of-reach.

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A Better Way. The Ghost Kitchen Model.

Diners have limited choices when it comes to delivery. And the choices available are often mediocre. A ghost kitchen model brings inspired, incomparable cuisine directly to diners’ doors.

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Access world-class cuisine, created by innovative chefs and designed for delivery. By ordering with Foodhaul, diners support local kitchens and enjoy an unparalleled dining experience.

Local Kitchens

Use a ghost kitchen model to keep business growing by using Foodhaul’s wide audience and chef connections. Kitchens convert excess capacity and labor to real revenue and profit.

Inventive Chefs

Use a ghost kitchen to bring new concepts to millions more diners. Instead of being stuck in city centers, chefs work with Foodhaul to reach more customers and improve culinary accessibility.

Slow Kitchen?
Get Busy With Foodhaul!

Light the grill, prep the line — it’s time to cook.

Partner with Foodhaul and start maximizing your kitchen’s resources.

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What’s On The Menu?

Choose from our chef-crafted concepts using the ghost kitchen model.

Inspired Italian cuisine crafted by a love of life in Florence.

Where smoke and sauce get taken seriously.

Midwestern comfort food to satisfy hometown cravings.

Chicken, fried-to-perfection, tossed with your favorite flavors.

Award-winning Mexican fare served fresh and traditional.

Bring World-Class Cuisine Home

Serve the culinary experience of a lifetime at your own dining room table.

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