Order Innovative Chef Creations For Delivery

Serve Dishes Crafted By Visionary Chefs While Supporting Local Kitchens.

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Order Innovative Chef Creations For Delivery

Serve Dishes Crafted By Visionary Chefs While Supporting Local Kitchens.

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Experience dishes created by visionary chefs. Every concept is made in certified local kitchens, designed for delivery and ready-to-serve at your dining room table.

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Order Original Culinary Concepts

Savor fares crafted by the world’s most notable chefs in your own home.

Support Local Kitchens

Keep your local, community restaurant kitchens busy using a virtual restaurant.

Eat Exceptionally At Home

Serve singular dishes straight to the table. Every dish is designed for delivery.

Choose Your Chef-Crafted Culinary Concept

Explore concepts created by innovative, celebrated chefs. Select entrees designed intentionally for delivery and at-home dining, available on your favorite third party delivery app.

Inspired Italian cuisine crafted by a love of life in Florence.

Where smoke and sauce get taken seriously.

Midwestern comfort food to satisfy hometown cravings.

Chicken, fried-to-perfection, tossed with your favorite flavors.

Award-winning Mexican fare served fresh and traditional.

How A Ghost Kitchen Works

Support local kitchens and experience exceptional fare by ordering from a virtual ghost kitchen.

Foodhaul connects the industry’s most innovative chefs with underutilized kitchens to bring exciting, world-class cuisine to a restaurant near you.

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Access world-class cuisine, created by innovative chefs and designed for delivery. By ordering with Foodhaul, diners support local kitchens and enjoy an unparalleled dining experience.

Local Kitchens

Use a ghost kitchen model to keep business growing by using Foodhaul’s wide audience and chef connections. Kitchens convert excess capacity and labor to real revenue and profit.

Inventive Chefs

Use a ghost kitchen to bring new concepts to millions more diners. Instead of being stuck in city centers, chefs work with Foodhaul to reach more customers and improve culinary accessibility.

Visionary Chef Creations.
Food With A Story.

Start a conversation and bring the best in exquisite dining direct to your door.

Enjoy dishes crafted by passionate chefs, designed for delivery and ready-to-eat. When you order from our concepts, you bring the elements of each dish, its history and origin, to your table.

Every dish comes with a story — the story of the chef, the food, and the one on you are about to create.

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Simply enter your address and explore concepts available on your favorite third party delivery apps. Then, create your culinary experience and prepare for the delivery of unparalleled cuisines — direct to your door.

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Simple Ingredients, Thoughtfully-Sourced

Ensure the fare served on your table tonight is carefully-sourced. Our partnership with US Foods and our chef’s concern for quality means every dish is composed of thoughtfully-selected ingredients sourced through trusted suppliers.

Quality ingredients make the difference.

Discover The Secrets Of Culinary Wisdom

In this short video watch as Chef Fabio Viviani demonstrates his favorite chicken dish — Lemon Chicken Piccata.

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Every dish starts with a story. Find yours on your favorite third party delivery app.

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