Tossed & Sauced Crispy Fried Chicken

Tossed & Sauced Crispy Fried Chicken

Anyone can fry up some chicken. But only a master knows the chemistry of rubs, sauces, and flavors that take your basic wings and crispy fried chicken sandwiches to the next level.

At Pluck’d, Chef Flanigan layers flavors that meld surprising ingredients in new ways to create masterful fried chicken made exclusively for delivery. From New York Buffalo-style to sweet and tangy Korean to blazing-hot Carolina Reaper, you’ll find flavors fit for every palate.

Farm To Table Dining. Hands-On With Chef Flanigan.

After 20 years in the heat of the kitchen, Chef Flanigan’s learned a few things about ingredients. Whether it’s five ingredients or fifty, finding the right balance of flavors is always the key.

Pluck’d partners with locally-sourced ingredient suppliers who deliver Gerber chicken and ensure every rub and sauce has what it needs to create the unparalleled flavor layers needed.

Chef Flanigan imbues each rub and sauce with ingredients from across the globe, like gochujang and Carolina reaper pepper, to deliver inspired, challenging —and ultimately delicious —sauces and rubs that make Pluck’d wings exceptional.