Authentic, Pit Smoked BBQ Perfection


Smoked Meat Is Serious Business For Rick Tramonto

This isn’t your neighbor’s oven-braised roast. Real pit-smoked meat is a different kind of beast.

With the right combination of meat, wood, rubs, temperature and time, Smokeheads’ Rick Tramonto crafts award-winning and mouth-watering grilled and pit-smoked meats, exclusively for delivery.

Our chef collaborated with the industry’s leading BBQ pitmasters to meld the science and art of smoke.

Meats from only the most trusted farms, house-made, rich, bold sauces and the time Rick dedicates to marinating, grilling, and smoking make Smokeheads a must for even the most die-hard BBQ fans. From Kansas City to Texas to Memphis to the Carolinas –there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Smokin’ Ingredients

With farm-to-table, seasonal side dishes and smoked-to-perfection meat, you can’t skimp on quality.

12-hour overnight brines and carefully-crafted dry rubs can’t fix low-quality meat. By using the best cuts and carefully-sourced local ingredients, Rick and his crew ensure you have the best smoked meats around.