Cozy Up With Comfort Food.

Bring the pub home with VL Tavern by Chef Dirk Flanigan.

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Get In On The Gourmet Bistro

Classic dishes inspired by the foods you know and love — that’s the inspiration behind VL Tavern.

By highlighting familiar flavors in new ways, Chef Flanigan delivers extraordinary in the ordinary. This is your traditional American pub food — leveled up with international flair.

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Enjoy Refined Comfort Food At Home

From classic appetizers, like wings and dip, to neighborhood favorites, like artisanal burgers, mac ‘n cheese, and steak — VL Tavern offers a sophisticated take on your basic bistro.

Known for imbuing layers of flavor in every bite, Chef Flanigan crafts dishes that both feel familiar and have an unexpected bite — making it an unforgettable experience.

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Cutting-Edge Culinary Innovation Comes Home

Chef Dirk Flanigan has served private dinners for prime ministers and celebrities, won numerous awards and crafted critically-acclaimed menus in a range of culinary traditions.

VL Tavern brings that experience home, joining traditional American cuisine with flavors and ingredients from around the world.

From the Blue Water Grill to The Gage, Henri to La Tour, Chef Flanigan has worked alongside Carrie Nahabedian and David Burke, honing his craft and passion to become one of the industry’s most celebrated chefs.

Satisfy Your Appetite With VL Tavern Delivery

Serve up some beers and cocktails (not included) along with artisanal comfort food. With VL Tavern from Foodhaul, you get the dishes you love crafted to perfection.

Share food with friends and the story behind Chef Flanigan and his culinary “molecular avant-garde” approach to menus. Make dinner an experience.

Get celebrity Chef Flanigan’s creative comfort dishes at home.

VL Tavern From Award-Winning Chef Flanigan

Nestle in and enjoy an evening of refined comfort food, family and friends, and the chance to try classic dishes with creative twists.

Savor classic gastropub dishes dished out by Chef Flanigan — and get the best pub food in Chicago.

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Better Food, Better Ingredients

At the heart of any dish are the ingredients.

VL Tavern procures locally-sourced ingredients through carefully-selected food partnerships. Using seasonal foods and local purveyors, Chef Flanigan and his crew ensure every dish is carefully crafted to support sustainable, farm-to-table practices.

Revelry Is Better With VL Tavern

Discover a new realm of gastropub cuisine. Order VL Tavern tonight.

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