Pub Food, Elevated

Refined Comfort Food

From classic appetizers, like wings and dip, to neighborhood favorites, like artisanal burgers, mac ‘n cheese, and steak — VL Tavern is a delivery-only experience that offers a sophisticated take on your basic bistro.

Known for imbuing layers of flavor in every bite, Chef Flanigan crafts dishes that feel familiar but have a fresh, unexpected bite — making it an unforgettable experience.

By highlighting familiar flavors in newways, Chef Flanigan creates extraordinary in the ordinary. This is your traditional American pub food — leveled up with international flair.

Better Food, Better Ingredients

At the heart of any dish are the ingredients.

VL Tavern procures locally-sourced ingredients through carefully-selected food partnerships. Using seasonal foods and local purveyors, Chef Flanigan and his crew ensure every dish is carefully crafted to support sustainable, farm-to-table practices.