Quality food
made to deliver.

Our kitchens prepare your delivery fresh on-site, bringing local ingredients 
directly to your kitchen table, couch or favorite chair. 
Foodhaul’s team makes your dinner plan reliable - from us to you.

Why order from Foodhaul?


Made to deliver!

Every menu item has been crafted and tested to be the most delicious meal deliverable.


Get what you want!

You feel like pulled pork, she feels like pasta, the whole family has lots of options. Everyone’s happy and it’s all from one place


Focused on you!

Unlike other restaurants, where delivery is an afterthought, this is our sole mission with dedicated Foodhaul drivers for one low delivery fee of $5


What is Foodhaul?

A collection of chef-driven kitchens in search of a dining room. Yours!
With thoughtful ingredients and a singular focus on making food for delivery,
Foodhaul brings dining in that much closer to dining out.