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Experience dishes created by visionary chefs. Every concept is made in certified local kitchens, designed for delivery and ready-to-serve at your dining room table.

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Savor fares in your own home crafted by innovative chefs.

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Keep your local, community restaurant kitchens busy using a virtual restaurant.

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Serve singular dishes straight to the table. Every dish is designed for delivery.

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Select entrees from our singular chef-crafted concepts, each designed intentionally for delivery and your dining room table.

Inspired Italian cuisine crafted by a love of life in Florence.

Where smoke and sauce get taken seriously.

Chicken, fried-to-perfection, tossed with your favorite flavors.
Hand-crafted, flame-grilled burgers topped with gourmet ingredients.
Classic soups and salads made with the freshest ingredients.
Perfect for even the pickiest — and dietitian-approved.
Midwestern comfort food to satisfy hometown cravings.
Order chef-inspired food at your fingertips!

How Our Virtual Kitchen Works

Foodhaul connects creative, innovative chefs with underutilized kitchens to bring you exciting, world-class cuisine. We’re removing geographical barriers. Your local restaurant’s kitchen can now bring you inspired visionary chef creations.

Keep your local kitchens busy and enjoy an unparalleled food experience, delivered to your door.

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Innovative Chef Creations.
Food With A Story.

Start a conversation and bring the best in original dining direct to your door.

Enjoy new culinary concepts, designed for delivery and ready-to-eat. When you order from our chefs, you bring the elements of each dish, its history and origin, to your table.

Every dish comes with a story — the story of the chef, the food, and the one on you are about to create.

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