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Savor the best smoked meats and BBQ from Smokeheads by Rick Tramonto.

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Pit-Smoked Perfection — Delivery-Style

You don’t have to get an invite to our backyard to experience the best pit-smoked meats.

At Smokeheads, the science behind smoke is happening at a kitchen near you, ready to be delivered to your door.

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Smoked Meat Is Serious Business For Rick Tramonto

This isn’t your neighbor’s oven-braised roast. Real pit-smoked meat is a different kind of beast.

With the right combination of meat, wood, rubs, temperature and time, Smokeheads’ Rick Tramonto crafts award-winning and mouth-watering grilled and pit-smoked meats.

Meats from only the most trusted farms, house-made, rich, bold sauces and the time Rick dedicates to marinating, grilling, and smoking make Smokeheads a must for even the most die-hard BBQ fans. From Kansas City to Texas to Memphis to the Carolinas – there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Tramonto’s Passion Formed By Flame

What started as a passion for open-fire cooking in the Midwestern woods grew into the first authentic pit-smoked dining in Chicago and the Midwest.

Our chef collaborated with the industry’s leading BBQ pitmasters to meld the science and art of smoke —and now you can enjoy it at home.

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Order Up Some Legendary Smoked BBQ

Food with a story tastes better. Order Smokeheads and taste how the art and science of smoked meat is imbued in every bite.

Share our Pitmaster’s history and craft with family and friends.

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Smokeheads. Chicago’s Award-Winning Smoked BBQ

Savor the layered flavors of authentic pit-smoked meat. For decades, our Chef has experimented with rubs and the chemistry of flavor — and Smokeheads brings that hard work to your plate.

Order full-slab Memphis-style BBQ ribs, overnight brined and smoked brisket, dry rub smoked chicken, and a classic selection of sides.

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Food Only As Good As Its Ingredients

With farm-to-table, seasonal side dishes and smoked-to-perfection meat, you can’t skimp on quality.

12-hour overnight brines and carefully-crafted dry rubs can’t fix low-quality meat. By using the best cuts and carefully-source local ingredients, Rick and his crew ensure you have the best smoked meats around.

Order A Pit-Smoked Experience. Level Up Your Next Shindig.

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